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Mike Kobeissi

An award-winning personality is essential for long-term success in real estate. An agent needs to be able to connect with clients on a personal level to learn about the basics they demand from a new property and the things they want. When selling, the same attention is also required. A top real estate professional like Mike Kobeissi helps deliver these dreams to individuals through a seamless buying or selling process.

Kobeissi also speaks Arabic, making it easier for him to converse with clients from the Middle East, while other agents in his employ speak Chinese and Korean. As the La Canada Flintridge community becomes more diverse, the ability to connect with clients in multiple languages is important and helps provide an elevated and more comfortable experience for buyers.

Kobeissi‘s professional skills extend into the design arena where he helps existing properties become the hot properties of tomorrow. Through careful renovations, decorating and staging, potential buyers are better able to connect with the potential of a great home or investment opportunity.

Buyers and sellers receive a glimpse of this when visiting the Mediterranean-inspired headquarters of Kobeissi Properties. Stunning artwork, unique architecture with old-world charm and classic furniture create an enticing blend of the opulent and familiar, while Kobeissi’s singular displays of sports cars add a touch of glamour.

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